Generate Your Free Logo Design For Your Preferred Industry! [2024]


In this blog post, I’m going to help you create your own custom logo design completely for free. Whether you are running a blog or a professional website displaying your business services, logo design is going to help you shape your brand identity. It makes you look more professional and established as a company in front of your customers eyes. In return, your conversion rate is possibly going to increase, not to mention all the budget saved by getting your free logo with the same high quality. Follow my instructions step by step as I walk you through the free way of creating your logo design.

Generate Your Business Name

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Before we create our logo design, we are going to generate free business name based on our chosen industry. Come to the website to generate your free business name. Type your business industry (e.g. fitness, fashion, sports, marketing, etc.). In this tutorial, I’m going to use fitness industry. Click on ”Generate.” Select All Name Styles and High Randomness so you can choose from many different business name ideas. Provide brief description of your business industry and make sure to check the box ”Check Domains” to see if that name is available to register. You’re going to be redirected to the page where all the different business name ideas are displayed. Take your time and choose your favourite one.

Create Your Logo

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Now that we have our professional business name, we can create our logo. Come to the website, choose your industry(e.g. sports & fitness, type your professional business name and click on ”Create a logo.” Choose your logo style – 1) Initial (emphasiying one letter in your name) 2) Icon (feature an icon related to your business) 3) Badge (place your business name inside a badge design) or 4) Text (use font to display your business name). I will use Icon in this example. In the next step, choose your font (Sans Serif, Serif, Script or Display). Next up, choose if your logo is going to be displayed above, below, right or left to your business name. Finally, click ”Generate” and now you can choose from many different ideas. Scroll through pages until you find your favourite one. 

Remove Background Image

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Once you have found your desired logo, now we can remove the background from it in order to upload it to our website without interfering with the background header color. Capture your logo with free snipping tool, or screenshot it. Then come to the website to remove background from any image. Upload your saved logo image, it is going to automatically remove the background. Simply click on ”Download” and you’ve successfully downloaded your logo with removed background. Congrats, your new logo design is ready! 

Bottom Line

Purpose of this blog post was to explain step by step how to generate your professional business name and professional logo design using 2 free websites. Namelix automatically generates many appealing business names you can select from & Logo Maker also displays you many different ideas based on your industry. I’ve shown you a convenient way on how to quickly remove background from your logo if you already have a website you can upload it to. Enjoy!


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