Secret Website To Download Elementor Pro Widgets For Free!


In this blog post, I’m going to help you use elementor professional widgets completely for free. I will show you how to install & activate them completely free of charge as promised. Those professional widgets will allow you to create the best modern version of your website possible! Before we can install & use them, make sure that you already have elementor basic widgets installed. If you don’t, simply come to plugins on your wordpress dashboard anc click on ”Add New Plugin.” Search ”Elementor.” Just install and activate it. Mine is already active so we will continue with installing & activating pro widgets. Just follow along!

Elementor Pro Locked

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Log in to your wordpress dashboard. As previously mentioned, make sure to already have elementor basic widgets installed. Come back to introduction of this blog post if you don’t have elementor basic installed. Now try editing any of your pages using elementor basic and elementor pro widgets. Click on ”Edit with Elementor” on any of your created pages. As you can see, elementor basic widgets are available, but pro widgets are locked. You are required to pay on a monthly basis to use them. But we are not going to do that and waste our money. Instead, I will show you perfectly legal way of how to use pro widgets completely for free!

Elementor Pro Unlocked

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Visit website. Read the caption – ”Free wordpress plugin that enables PRO features in the Elementor page builder. With automatic updates.” Just click on ”Download” to download it to your PC. Afterwards, you need to install the plugin by coming to ”Plugins -Add New Plugin.” On the top, click on ”Upload Plugin.” Choose your downloaded PRO elements .zip file. Make sure it is actually .zip file in order to work properly. Later on, ”Install Now” and ”Activate Plugin.” Notification is going to arrive that the PRO elements plugin is installed & activated successfully. Finally, we’re ready to use our new professional widgets! Confirm that your new professional widgets are unlocked and ready to edit your website. ”Edit with Elementor” any random page. Scroll down, pass elementor basic widgets and boom! Professional widgets are unlocked once and for all! And we did it absolutely for free in just couple of minutes! Thank you for sticking until the end and reaping the reward of free usage of elementor professional widgets!

Bottom Line

Purpose of this blog post was to show you how to install and use the best modern professional widgets for free in order to create your best website design possible. Once you’ve successfully activated pro elements by following my instructions, now you’re able to use many pro widgets to display different sections of your website to the best of your ability. Choose between many widgets, such as: editing your reviews from previous clients, paypal button, stripe button, contact form, FAQs, displaying your portfolio pictures, etc. Use your own creativity and enjoy using professional widgets for free!


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