How To Hide Author Name In WordPress Post! [2024]


In this blog post, I’m going to help you remove date and author name from your published blog post in wordpress. Maybe you want to keep your personal details private, then this tutorial will definitely help you out. We’re going to add HTML code to additional CSS in order to delete date and author name. By opening developer tools, we’re going to find the part of the code we want to delete from our website page.

Select Blog Post

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Log in to your wordpress dashboard. Select posts, then click on ”all posts.” Now choose your blog post you want to delete your name and date from. Open your blog post homepage and on the top of the page – click on ”customize.” Scroll down until you find section Additional CSS. This is where we’re going to type code rule to delete author name and date from. But before we can do that, we need to find the necessary part of the HTML code.

Find Date/Name HTML Code

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Come back to your blog post homepage and open developer tools by typing CTRL+SHIFT+I (or right click+inspect) to inspect the page. On the top left, click on ”select an element in the page to inspect.” Highlight the part where the author name and date are. Click on the entire highlighted part and now we need to find the name of that entire part of the code under <div class>. In this example, it’s ”wp-block-template-part”. Yours might be different, just replace the name. Right click on it and edit as HTML so you can copy it.

Type Deletion Rule

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Come back to additional CSS and type the following code:




Just replace ”wp-block-template-part” with your own template part name under <div class>. Click on ”Publish.” Come back to your blog post page and refresh it (right click+reload). Congratulations, your entire date, author name and blog category are hidden/removed. In this way, it was quicker and more convenient than removing one at a time.


In this blog post, you’ve learned how to successfully remove date and author name from your blog posts in wordpress. I’ve shown you the quickest and most convenient way how to do it all at once. We simply pasted html code in our additional CSS (which we found by inspecting our blog post page) to hide/remove date and author name. If you want to display the date and your author name again, just delete the code, leave it blank as it was and click on ”Publish.”