Tomislav Petrac

Birth Date: 09/12/1998

Citizenship: Croatian

Gender: Male



Hi, my name is Tomislav and I’m 25 years old.

If you’re interested in my qualities as a person, I would describe myself as a patient, respectful and responsible person. I’m passionate about learning new skills to improve my skill set. When I find myself in a new working environment, I love to ask my authorities about anything I don’t understand in order to sooner become independent in performing my duties.

In my free time, I enjoy long walks on fresh air, exercising at home or at the gym and creating content using modern technology.

Work Experience

06/2020-08/2021 Velika Gorica

Gas Station Worker INA

-cash register work

-filling fuel for customers

-checking tire pressure

-cleaning the workplace

09/2021-10/2022 Zagreb

CNC Operator HP

-scanning packages

-distributing packages by counties

-preparing packages for shipping

-delivering the packages

10/2022-01/2024 Velika Gorica

Mill Worker Mlin Pukanic

-flour production

-flour packaging

-loading the flour on the truck using forklift

-cash register work

Education & Courses

09/2013-07/2017 Velika Gorica

Electrical Technician

-Technical High School Velika Gorica

09/2019-07/2020 Zagreb

Fitness Instructor

-BBF Fitness Course

01/2024-02/2024 Zagreb

Taxi Driver

-Road Traffic School Zagreb

Language Skills

Mother Tongue: Croatian

Foreign Languages:


-listening C1 level

-reading C1 level

-writing C1 level

-speech production C1 level

-speech interaction C1 level

Levels: A1 & A2: core user; B1 & B2: independent user; C1 & C2: experienced user

Digital Skills